short-company-description2We help visionary leaders uncover and communicate the soul of their brand, and stay true to themselves and their vision.

We believe that it’s your more natural and inspiring presence as an entrepreneur or organization that can draw your best-fit audience to you. That’s why, at the core of our method, we not only help you uncover and communicate the deeper purpose behind your work, but also embody the essence of what you stand for. We do this through individual and/or team conversations that blend a unique combination of brand strategy and leadership coaching.

Our sweet spot is supporting visionary entrepreneurs & organizations that have an innovation, or message of social change, and would like to talk about who they are and what they do in a more natural and authentic way.

This foundational work with our clients ends up supporting greater efficiencies in their marketing and greater meaning & collaboration in their workplace.

Our approach is heavily influenced by the work of Simon Sinek’s leadership communication philosophy (How Great Leaders Inspire Action) as well as the human development methodology of New Ventures West.

Our services include: brand positioning strategy, customer/stakeholder interviews, core messaging, leadership coaching & team alignment.


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