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A Space for Visionary Women

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Michelle walks to the Ocean, a mere 5 minutes from her home in Santa Cruz, California. The waves are crashing on big boulders, leaping over the cliffs and into the street. She walks around the rough water that interrupts the sidewalk pathway, looking to the Ocean to feel more grounded.

It’s a few days before she’s hosting her first ever women’s retreat at Esalen, a personal development center in Big Sur, California. For Michelle, entering into the unknown like this has sometimes felt terrifying. She used to be someone who just gets things done, moving into action. However, these days, she’s driven by something that’s less about her, and more about a vision that’s been coming through her. A vision with a long gestation period… Read More

Loonity: A Champion for the Farmers (Client Journey)

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Claudio Ghiringhelli drives his Nissan minivan over the Monte Ceneri pass, about 40 kilometers from his home in Ticino, Switzerland. He passes buildings and restaurants until a valley opens up below—a mixture of agriculture and industrial land.

Some twists and turns later, he arrives at Marco Francini’s farm, greeted by a pair of dogs that growl until their owner welcomes Claudio onto the property.

It’s their first meeting, and Marco only knows that Claudio wants to help local farmers. As they sit under the shadow of a grape plant, Claudio listens to the reality that Marco faces. Read More

Client Journey: From Negative News to Positive News Stories

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It’s a cold, foggy day. Cara Jones drives over the Bay Bridge, from San Francisco heading east.

She thinks about how it used to be. There’s no photographer there to drive her around in a big news van. Nobody to figure out the directions or carry all the gear.

“On that day,” Cara says. “I had to arrange all the shoot details and pick up the videographer myself. When I was a reporter, I used to show up at the station and everything was taken care of.”

Cara shared her business idea with Ryan Rigoli of Soulful Brand, feeling scared just talking about it. She had just graduated from New Ventures West and planned to offer her new coaching skills to single women entrepreneurs. As Ryan asked her questions, Cara started second-guessing that direction. Read More