Jump Start Your Brand


a self-guided tool to help you assess and uncover your own brand strategy and message

Understand your brand, for yourself

‘Jump-Start Your Brand’ is a self-guided tool to help you assess and uncover your own soulful brand strategy and message.

Whether you are a one-person business or part of a larger entity, knowing your brand (who you are, who you serve, and the unique value you offer) is the key to effective marketing communications. As we like to say, your brand strategy is the soil from which your communications grow.

This self-guided brand tool is designed for those who are committed and capable of uncovering their own brand strategy and message, but need a little extra support.

We use this methodology in our own consulting practice with clients. It combines a traditional brand strategy approach (based on over 35 years of collective brand marketing experience) and a process that supports greater self-awareness and understanding about an individual’s/ organization’s unique purpose, contribution, and voice in the marketplace.

Brand Strategy + Inner Awareness

As the explorer in this brand process, you’ll need time to digest what you uncover. Since the questions in this document tend to go deep, muscling your way through will not serve you. We’ve added reminders along the way to help your clarity unfold more organically with less stress.


This self-guided exploration of your current brand strategy features:

  • 30 questions in 6 sections that provide a structured method for you, and/or your team, to inquire more deeply about your business
  • sample answers to help you be clear about the questions being asked, as well as to offer you real world examples of what a soulful brand can feel like
  • built-in places to pause so you don’t burn yourself out
  • a system for consolidating your findings in a simple and convenient way

What kinds of questions will be asked:

There will be a series of detailed questions that fall into 4 main buckets:

  • Your Why—the inspiration behind your business
  • Your Who—your ideal customers
  • Your How—how you uniquely serve your customers
  • Your What—services/products you offer AND the benefit/impact that they have on your customers

These are the core elements of a brand strategy that serve as the foundation for your brand message.

When you download this Jump-Start Your Brand tool, it will automatically come with our free ebook as well (The 4 Key Elements to a Soulful Brand), which explains in more detail the methodology behind our approach to brand strategy. The Jump-Start Your Brand questions are based off of this methodology.

After working through this tool…

You will experience:

  • a deeper connection to your business
  • more clarity around your company’s unique approach and brand voice
  • more clarity about which brand elements need your attention (i.e. where additional support might serve you)

You will walk away with:

  • a summary of your current brand strategy in a single page so you can see how your brand is or isn’t fitting together as a whole
  • some powerful language to draw from when creating your messaging (whether you do it yourself or you hire a copywriter to do it for you)
  • a better sense of what next step will serve you best

You may also decide, after engaging in this exploration, that you would like individualized support to flush out your brand strategy even further. If that’s the case, we invite you to check out our brand strategy/messaging services and reach out to us if doing so feels aligned for you and your organization.

What People Have Said About the Jump-Start Your Brand Tool:

client-robert-k“‘Jump-Start Your Brand’ brought soul to my business plan. This process allowed me to see the areas of my business that were clear and what was still missing. I appreciated having a deeper understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing.” Robert Kenfield / Founder, DreamLife


client-joy-m“This process invited me to boldly go in a direction I didn’t think I could. I’m taking my business in a direction that is completely unexpected to me, but feels more honest than what I was trying to create before.” Joy Mazzola / NVW Integral Coach


client-marco-d“Going through ‘Jump-Start Your Brand’ sparked new inspiration and connected me even more with my passion. My approach and personal style got defined more clearly, and I have new ideas for services and products.” Marco Dettling / Founder, Stepping Away


client-jo-i“This product has helped me to clarify the most important parts of my brand: the ones I need to convey in my marketing message. It has also helped me to know exactly what elements of my branding need to be tightened.” Jo Ilfeld / Owner, Success Reboot

Deepen your exploration

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NOTE: Our intention with this offer is to educate business owners and organizations about branding, messaging, and marketing practices that we have found useful for ourselves and our clients. We can’t promise that following our advice/guidance will lead to an outcome—there are too many subjective factors that we have no awareness of or control over. By purchasing this offer, you take responsibility for the outcomes that result for you as well as any decisions you make that impact your business.