“In between humility and pride is a voice that rings clear—your true voice.”

Matthew Sloane, co-founder

Matthew Sloane is a student and teacher of authentic communication in the marketplace. He is a co-founder, brand consultant, and leadership coach for Soulful Brand, preparing entrepreneurs and business leaders to stand out with a unique message in their market, while staying true to themselves. He has spoken at a variety of venues including the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, NextSpace, and New Ventures West.

His first in-depth study of authentic communication came from participating in a men’s group for over 6 years—every week, meeting for 2 hours with 7 other men and a facilitator to more deeply understand what was and wasn’t being said. Based on his observations, Matthew believes the intention behind what is said is more important than the words being shared.

Matthew previously worked with clients such as Warner Brothers, Estée Lauder, Charles Schwab, and Nickelodeon, focused primarily on brand identity and marketing materials (including the creation of over 100 websites). As President of the Boston Graphic Artists Guild, Matthew brought strategic focus to local business networks and national-level advocacy efforts for visual artist entrepreneurs.

Matt-water2While exploring his role as an artist, Matthew crowdfunded $10k in 30 days on Kickstarter to produce a graphic novel about male self-awareness based on his own experience, known as Tulie’s Garden: the place where I abandon and reclaim who I am.

He graduated with a B.S. in English (Creative Writing) from Skidmore College.

Some things that are important to him: laughing; questioning what is true; making the unconscious, conscious; self-acceptance; collaborate group process; frisbee tossing; improv; martial arts; writing; drawing; freedom to feel any and all emotions; and singing in public.


Matt’s Gift:

Giving voice to my inner world and helping others give voice to theirs


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  • Integral Coach® with New Ventures West
  • Creative Writing bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College (1996)
  • Creativity Coaching certification
  • Essential Facilitation® with Interaction Associates
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner certification

• • • • •

My Story

Much of my life has been about keeping my mouth shut.

Staying safe and avoiding potential conflict. I lived with a mild depression—my raw expression relegated to drawing and writing, yet I felt I had nothing important to say or share with people out loud. I rarely shared my writing and drawing.

I was dead in many ways. Afraid of life and emotions—committed to being invisible and silent.


Deep down, I had this sense that I had quite a lot to say. The clues came through projections—for example, I got furiously annoyed by people who seemed to feel so free in sharing their voice.

Matt-Sloane-by-Carolyn-CraftyTo uncover my voice (my true voice) I’ve had to do a lot of excavating and processing with myself and others. I needed a strong foundation in myself to trust that I would be okay when I shared my true voice, no matter what.

I set out, gradually allowing myself to be vulnerable in practice spaces and then in personal and working relationships. I took risks like communicating my truth and speaking up when it didn’t appear to be the popular thing to do (by the way, I’m a 9 on the Enneagram : )

I studied and practiced giving and receiving feedback. I started gaining clarity on how I play BIG and how I play small.

People now reflect to me how they are inspired by my courage to put myself out there. Given where I came from, that feels pretty awesome.

I can feel when certain words from individuals just feel right—I notice my heart resting more easily in my chest—because when people are real, they come from a very deep and profound place.

Calling it out and giving that feedback allows our clients to start knowing the difference—how it feels for them when they are being their true selves and having self-compassion when they are not.

My choices have been leading me to a new way of being. When I’m not where I want to be, I know how to give myself a lot of kindness and be patient. When I feel grounded in myself, my voice is powerful and affects both me and others deeply.

The occasional fear is often a gentle reminder that I am alive.

And even though it still trembles at times, I am learning to accept this authentic voice as my own.

• • • • •

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