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Jennah Synnestvedt

Walking in the fire too

Here at Soulful Brand, we're not experts. We're fellow travelers walking in the fire too. Through personal experience, we understand the challenges you're facing. Even though I have a degree in Communications Design from a top art school and have experience working with coaches, public figures, entrepreneurs and organizations over the last 18-years, a key part of what I have to offer you comes from my personal journey as a multi-passionate business owner. I know first hand how confusing branding and marketing yourself can be ... especially when you have a diverse set of trainings and life experiences. For me I have healer, intuitive, spiritual teacher, artist and human being parts. As a Healer, I want to help everyone. As an Intuitive, I get all sorts of clues but don't always know how they fit together. As a Spiritual Teacher, I just want people to do what makes their heart sing in an empowered way. As a Branding professional, I want it all to be super clear so people know if what's being offered resonates or not. As an artist and human being living life, I just want it feed my body, mind and soul. Ultimately my journey in Brand Clarity has been about reconciling the different parts of me and realizing that I created everything for a reason ... because it was part of my Soul Journey. In addition to Soulful Brand, I have a personal brand, an online community, a product, affiliate marketing relationships and more. I didn’t create any of these to become the next billionaire, Instagram star or guru. For a long time I thought it was so I could walk my talk as an expert. But now I’ve realized that I created them simply because they are part of my soul journey, and that is what sustains me. Knowing that we’re in this together walking each other home is what my work in the world is all about. Embrace your diverse gifts now. Ask yourself these two questions, and feel free to contact us with your answers. What gifts do you have? If each gift was a person, what would it say?
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Brand Project Highlights of 2018

The Magic Amplifies When We Come Together Soulful Brand clients often tell us "Work Your Magic", and that is exactly what we did with all of our extraordinary clients and collaborators in 2018. Here are some highlights from the year: StepUp Leadership Be Human. Do Better Work. TO BE MESSY IS TO BE HUMAN, and every business has a least one mess. StepUp Leadership knows that keeping up with change throws companies into chaos and mess, and what often gets lost is our everyday humanity. StepUp Leadership helps companies mine the mess to bring more clarity, humanity, capacity, productivity, and resilience. StepUp Leadership has been a longtime client of ours and this year we were delighted to work with them on a website makeover. Using brand elements established over the years in a new way made for a fun, bold and up-to-date expression. Visit WebsiteVisit Website The Suburban Monk Live.Laugh.Mala! The Suburban Monk’s cornerstone product is a unique, jolly thumbs-up statue named Syd, who radiates a joyful, blissful presence. 2018 was a big year for The Suburban Monk as it began with a booth at the NYNOW Show and ended with launching a new product called Live.Laugh.Malas! For the booth design, we expanded on existing and created new brand elements (such as the little Syd pattern shown in the photo). Throughout the year, we designed many brand and marketing items such as a catalog, a map of Syd's global footprint, launched an online wholesale system and created branding for the malas. It was all a blast! Visit WebsiteVisit Website JOY (no matter what) A blog about choice. In the words of founder Carol Fant, " is a blog about choice — the choice to seek joy despite the circumstances. It’s not a denial system — a matter of ignoring or discounting the sad, frustrating or negative aspects of life. It’s an acceptance system — one that allows us to claim joy no matter what. It’s a lifestyle – a spiritual practice. It’s a decision, a mantra. We choose a better path; we choose joy." It was awesome to create this brand and blog website with Carol Fant in 2018. She is such a great writer, we just love reading each new post written by her. Can't wait to see more! Thank you as well to Tara DeAngelis for the amazing homepage illustration. Visit WebsiteVisit Website Divine Healing Center A Mission of the Church of Divine Man Divine Healing Center offers a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving change in their lives. The gifted professional healers have from 5-35 years professional healing experience and are devoted to their own spiritual paths and ability to heal themselves. We designed a new logo and social media posts for the Divine Healing Center. Creating the logo was one of those projects where we tuned into the brand energy and the image of the cosmic rose spiral just came. Then we intuitively added the arched window shape container and later learned that the design of their building in Santa Rosa, California has arched windows. Visit Instagram PageVisit Instagram Page JBO Travel Journey Beyond Ordinary JBO Travel enriches lives through exceptional travel experiences. They work with their customers to create travel experiences that are customized to unique needs, designed with wellness in mind and are accessibility friendly. This summer, founder Jen Berg Ogilvie came to us for a brand makeover and we have been amazed at all the synchronicity (ie signs of divine alignment). For starters, Jen found Jennah because of their connection with the town of Aspen and aspen trees. We also love how the initials of her name (JBO) are also the initials of the brand's tagline Journey Beyond Ordinary. The brand design process was awesome too as it came from a vision which included the logo symbol and a pattern made from the initials. The first launch of the website is currently live and more is to come in 2019! Visit WebsiteVisit Website Global Gut...
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Brands Have Spirit Guides Too!

In today's competitive business world, challenges to the heart & soul integrity of a brand are part of the journey. Working with your brand's spirit guides can help in a number of ways. Benevolent Sacred Space Holding and Protection To stay on a path that is true to you, it is especially important to keep the energy vibration of your brand as you set it and protected. Spirit guides love the job of sacred space holding for a brand. To call in these type of Spirit Guides, simply decide what vibrations you would like to have in the sacred space that is your brand–ie joy, peace, love, laughter–and then ask the Divine for benevolent spirit guides to uphold and protect it as such. Experience Affinity with Inspirational Muses The idea for your brand probably came to you in a moment of inspiration, perhaps even from an inspirational muse which is a type of spirit guide. Inspirational muses are co-creators for whom you have great affinity. Affinity is the fourth chakra ability to experience universal oneness with yourself, others and the world. When you are in affinity with your brand's spirit guides, your heart sings as you work and you naturally attract those who also have an affinity for what you are creating. In my other business, Aspen Oracle, I became aware of the spirit guides about two years in and ever since, working “on the business” (something many entrepreneurs dread) has never been so much fun! Whether I'm working on financials, the website or gathering with others, my heart sings. Clear Confusion and Receive Guidance One Step and Time Confusion can affect the creative process of establishing and growing your brand. Confusion is that tangled web of being aware of so many possibilities but not knowing which is best to choose. Confusion leads to an incessant need to have it all figured out which ultimately creates either being frozen or over-acting like a chicken with its head cut off. If you notice yourself in the downward spiral of confusion, it is a good time to ask your spirit guides for some clarity. Since they are not in "it" they are able to direct from a birds-eye view, giving you answers one step at a time. The Spiritual Women Leaders Equinox Gathering that I did the design and website for is an example of allowing spirit guides to light the way. The two women and I who co-created the event all received messages from our spirit guides about coming together to create the brand and event. Throughout the entire planning process, we consulted the spirit guides who were in support of it. They helped guide us through challenges to create a beneficial gathering for many. Prioritize and Re-frame Failures as Success On the journey of clearly defining and staying true to your brand, it is normal to have things not work out as you once thought they might. Your Spirit Guides can help you focus on what really matters which includes the lessons you learn along they way and how those ultimately are a form of success. The creation of Tough Shit Tarot: A Deck of Rude Awakenings is an example of being led to deeper meaning by Archangel Metatron. Archangel Metatron is a spirit guide who helps anyone who asks. He specializes in helping people get their priorities straight as well as to clear invalidation and remove blocks which he does with his sacred geometry cube (pictured here). Tough Shit Tarot was birthed after the author, Nami, and I went to give readings at an event in hopes of sharing our gifts with new clients. When no one came to us for a reading at the event, we decided to choose a card for ourselves from the Indigo Angel Oracle by Charles Virtue. What we received was a message from Archangel Metatron and later that night the deck was written by Nami. From there, Nami and I created it as we learned many lessons. Over and over again,...
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How Past Lives Influence Your Brand and Business

In both constructive and destructive ways, your past life experiences might be influencing your brand and business. From personal experience and through working with clients, I have found a few common ways that brand clarity and business success improves from being curious about past lives. A Personal Story: An Inspired Brand Name When I was ready for a next step in my career, I started wondering how to best utilize my skills and gifts as a brand designer, psychic and spiritual teacher. Almost immediately after giving up on trying to find the right answer, the brand name Aspen Oracle just came to me out of thin air. I was instantly inspired. The word aspen made total sense as I was preparing to move from Brooklyn to Colorado where I had grown up a nature loving child among the aspen trees. The word oracle was a bit more elusive, but I really liked that it represented the spiritual aspect. Overall, I had no idea the true meaning these words would prompt me to discover within myself as the Aspen Oracle brand and business was developed over the next 9-years. ME AT THE ORACLE OF DEPHI Unwinding the Past for Greater Trust in the Present A few years into the formation of Aspen Oracle, I went on a Divine Feminine Pilgrimage to Ancient Greece. I say Ancient Greece because we went to ancient Greek sites that still exist in modern day Greece and Turkey, and at each place we did past life readings in order to integrate our past self with our present self. One of the stops was Oracle of Delphi. From the moment this was added to the itinerary, I felt a piece of me “click into place” and knew it would be big for my business. Upon actually visiting the site, a couple of past life readings showed that I had been a servant there as well as one of the oracles. Even though being one of the oracles seems like it would have been a cool gig, it actually wasn’t for quite a few reasons. The worst being that as soon as an oracle got her first period, she was deemed not pure enough to be an oracle anymore, was considered unfit to marry and was cast out by her family. Oracles went from being in a position of high praise to being an outcast member of society. Becoming servants, beggars or prostitutes were the main options for survival. In the years since I had that past life reading, I’ve experienced how the shamed/ashamed parts of my past life selves can sometimes sabotage what I am creating. I have also had a great deal of support through energy work and coaching to unravel and reset the patterning. Accessing Past Life Wisdom and Information As someone who has done the work myself, I very much enjoy sharing the tools and services that helped me so much. One of the ways I do this is giving clients past life readings related to their brand and business. How someone was a leader (or follower) in a past life affects how they are a leader in their business today. Additionally, people have had awesome past lives where they were happy, healthy, fulfilled and maybe even had a special skill set. In these instances, receiving a reading opens the door for that wisdom and information to be used in a helpful way today. Also, when brought into present time, past life symbolism can be incorporated in the logo and other graphics for clear communications. Updating Karmic Relationships Unresolved relationships from past lives can also resurface in present time. You know those people who keep showing up in your business and life that you may love, despise or both? That is most likely a karmic relationship that began in another life, and may have been continuing for many other lifetimes since. Depending on how you play the game, karmic relationships can wreak havoc, reap rewards or resolve with integrity. Forgiveness,...
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Branding Projects in Review 2017

The Magic Amplifies When We Come Together Our clients often tell us "Work Your Magic", and that is exactly what we did with all of our extraordinary clients and collaborators in 2017. Here are some highlights from the year: Sacred Worlds Publishing Books that reveal timeless wisdom to awaken and empower the soul. Isabelle Laak, the founder of Sacred Worlds Publishing, engaged us to design her companies first two books (translated from French), visual brand, website and social media marketing. The Sacred Worlds Publishing logo of an Egpytian blue lotus blooming from an open book appeared in an inspired vision. It symbolizes the accessibility of sacred information that is vital to life on this planet. The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies by Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau is the most complete guide of the subtle anatomy with simple and well illustrated treatments. It is a must read for body workers looking to deepen and expand their practice. Designing this book was a very powerful experience of bringing forth sacred information to reawaken hearts and souls. Plus it was fun to use our 12+ years of book design experience to create a beautiful and user-friendly workbook. The Portal of the Elves by Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois is a true tale of harmony and freedom between lifetimes and realms as remembered by the author.  As the Aspen Oracle team and vision is deeply connected to the Earth and Elemental realms, the layout design for The Portal of the Elves was certainly part of our soul calling. Visit WebsiteVisit Website Holistic Massage Integrated healing through touch and light. As Isabelle opened Sacred Worlds publishing, she was also finishing up her certification in the Essenian & Egyptian Therapies. Thus, it was time to makeover her massage brand in a way that still resonated with people looking for massage, but also attracted those open to hands on healing work. Additionally, we wanted it to compliment the Sacred Worlds Publishing brand as a sister company. For the update, we integrated the blue lotus imagery with the Hamsa hand. Visit WebsiteVisit Website Act Intuitive BE IT BE IT = Business Executive Intuitive. It is intuition 101 and psychic kindergarten for business people. Working with Susan Bostwick to bring life to her Act Intuitive BE IT vision through energy work, a visual brand, course structure and website was such a fun experience! We loved that Susan chose to create bold and provocative imagery that sparks people to rise to their dreams. We are excited for the next launch and fruition of this course. Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world. Susan Bostwick, Act Intuitive Visit WebsiteVisit Website The Suburban Monk Live. Laugh. Monk! The Suburban Monk’s cornerstone product is a unique, jolly thumbs-up statue named Syd, who radiates a joyful, blissful presence. Little Syd comes in 14 exciting colors, each complete with its own color meaning card. Big Syd comes in 2 beautiful colors, Stunning Gold or Clean White, and is fully weatherproof. He is the perfect addition to any home, garden, meditation studio, or business. Before the infamous Syd was even born, Ellen Atkins of The Suburban Monk was Aspen Oracle's very first client. What a journey we have been on– and continue to be on–together! It started in 2012 creating the brand strategy that helps the heart and soul of Ellen's vision to shine. As Ellen has put her joy, energy and tears into growing the business over the years, we have been honored to be there as an intuitive guide, booth designs and this year a website makeover + marketing initiatives! With the birth of Big Syd and the professional photography by Roni this year, it was about divine...
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