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Your Presence is Your Greatest Gift

By September 4, 2019September 10th, 2020No Comments

Branding can be a challenging endeavor for many Soulful Entrepreneurs and Organizations, particularly ones who are healers or visionaries. They often find it tough to stay grounded in authenticity, while maneuvering in the day-to-day business world.

Before finding us, we’ve seen many of our clients attempt to create a brand in a way they were taught or shown, using models that are based on urgency, what’s in-style, and competition. While those approaches may work for some companies, they don’t work in the long-run for people who are bringing healing and transformation into the world. In fact, those methods are counter-intuitive to the healing possibilities they offer their own clients and communities, and in the end can create more stuckness for their business and headaches for themselves.

Instead, an entirely different approach is needed.

One that allows for a business owner to let go of the ‘shoulds’ of branding, discover their inherent value as a human being, and find their own unique way of orienting in the marketplace.

One of the most common desires I’ve heard people in the healing professions express is to build a business that is true to who they are. They’ve had questions like:

What is my purpose & vision and how can I integrate them into my business, website and marketing?
What community is best for me to support & can be served well with my gifts? How does the technology work with that?
How can I speak about my business in a way that feels natural for me without hiding behind a cool brand design?
How can I cultivate my intuition, so I can make aligned business decisions and so that my brand comes from my voice?
What can I heal within myself to support the growth of my business, my clients, and myself?
In my experience, to create a business that is truly authentic, differentiated, and integrally connected to our deeper calling, we need to explore our brands, and most importantly ourselves, from the inside out. In other words, do the inner exploration first, before delving into style.

For many of our clients who have made this commitment, they have experienced greater ease in their marketing, synchronicity with their business, fulfillment in their work, and they have accomplished more with less effort. In essence, it’s their authentic presence that has done a lot of the work for them.

As a part of the Soulful brand team, my focus is to support people on this journey and help them answer the question: “What is my soul’s calling and how does it make my business unique?”

To support them with this deeper clarity, Jennah and I have created what we call Brand Guidance Sessions where we clarify with our clients all of the elements of a Brand Purpose: the vision, mission, core essence, as well as who your customers are, what their aspirations are and how you uniquely meet their needs.

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur or organization and find yourself curious about this type of Divine Brand Design, contact us to set up a free 30 min consultation. We can use that time to talk about your intentions, answer questions you have about this work, and see if what we do can support you.

Start Gaining Deeper Clarity Now.

Ask yourself these two questions, and feel free to contact us with the answers.

If your brand were a sacred space, how would you treat it?

What makes your heart sing when you share it with people?

Ryan Rigoli

Author Ryan Rigoli

As a Brand Consultant & Intuitive, Ryan specializes in helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations uncover the uniqueness of their brand and follow their purpose, at work and beyond.

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