When our words, actions, and behaviors are in harmony, wisdom and authenticity emerge ~ Angeles Arrien

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Your Brand is like a blueprint…

It is founded upon Socrates’ invitation to “know thyself.” We think of a brand as a deep articulation of your business that enables you to stay connected to your core essence when communicating with others.

What is the difference between knowing your Brand and developing Messaging?

A ‘brand’ is really an answer to the question “who am I?” (a connection to your true self and sense of place in the world) while ‘messaging’ invites the question, “given who I am, how will I express who I am?” (being in conversation with your customer).

When you skip the articulation of your Brand…

A lot of organizations try to create their taglines, promotional copy, and their offers before articulating their brand. As a result, they might:

  • Think anyone and everyone is a potential customer and don’t spend their own and other people’s time wisely,
  • Try to sell from a place of “convincing” rather than “resonating” and come across as a type of business they don’t want to be (i.e. “desperate”, “pushy”, or “unclear”),
  • Have a harder time being themselves in the context of business—which leads to a lack of confidence,
  • Feel disconnected from a sense of meaning behind their work.

When you pay attention…

When you pay attention to what you are really up to with your business, you can save a lot of time and money (as well as frustration and confusion) when it comes to:

  • Why your work matters,
  • What needs your attention and what does not,
  • Deciding how to spend money,
  • How to share yourself with your audience,
  • Being yourself in the context of your work.

When developing a brand, what exactly do you need to develop?

A “soulful brand” is a deep articulation of your business that reminds you and your team to communicate with others (in person and online) as your unique, authentic self. The question is, when articulating a brand, what exactly do you need to articulate?

In this free ebook, we explain the 4 Key Elements to a Soulful Brand. Following your sign-up, we’ll email you some tips as well.

You will walk away with:

  • Definitions of the key elements and the aspects within that make them powerful,
  • A way to categorize the various parts of your brand without feeling as overwhelmed,
  • A better sense of what you know and do not know about your brand.

You will experience:

  • A voice encouraging truth over urgency,
  • A blend of strategy with mindfulness,
  • A gentle nudge towards what really matters.

client-joy-m“After reading this, endeavoring to create a ‘soulful brand’ feels to me like a very accessible thing. This ebook is an easy template to follow. I loved reading about what makes a business truly alive and what the personal drivers are of a successful and meaningful endeavor. I also appreciate knowing what a heart-and-soul-rooted business looks and—more importantly—feels like.”Joy Mazzola / NVW Integral Coach


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