We’re looking at how organizations are bringing authenticity into the marketplace…

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Who is this for?

  • Founders of socially innovative organizations who want their work to be understood and adopted by more people
  • Marketing consultants, graphic designers, copywriters and others involved in website content strategy and creation
  • Business owners who feel compelled to bring more of what they care about into their website communications while remaining true to themselves

What to expect

  • 2 in-depth case studies of how the ‘WHY’ and other supporting elements show up in different company website communications
  • Visuals of the websites with highlighted areas to help you focus on distinct elements
  • Live presentation by the co-founders of Soulful Brand, delivered via video and screen-sharing
  • Reminders of why leading with your WHY helps people connect with you (in case you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s TED talk or it’s been a while)
  • Better understanding of the 4 Key Elements to a Soulful Brand, one of which includes the ‘WHY’
  • Some time for Q&A

What you will walk away with:

  • PDF of the slides we share
  • Ideas about how your messages might be put together to inspire others
  • Ideas about how to communicate your WHY
  • A sense for the kind of messaging you can develop that invites the best-fitting folks to engage with you
  • Alternative ideas about how you might answer the question, “what do you do?” in a more relatable way
  • Examples of organizations that are setting their work apart from others and communicating their uniqueness

Who We Are

Ryan and Matt started Soulful Brand back in 2011 with a vision to bring more humanity into the marketplace, beginning in the branding and messaging stages. They have spoken in a variety of communities, including the Wisdom 2.0 conference, an event that connects mindfulness traditions with technology innovators.

partner-RYAN Ryan Rigoli, co-founder Soulful Brand Ryan believes that, in business, inner wisdom is our most undervalued and game-changing resource. The question he brings to every engagement is, “How can the deepest wisdom that lies within this organization be more fully expressed in it’s marketing?” Ryan specializes in uncovering the essence of a brand and ensuring the soul of the organization is infused in all of its communications. He has a unique ability to tune into what people, and organizations, are gifted at and use that in the service of others. Ryan has held leadership roles at Yahoo! and Homestead.com and launched a number of innovative services into the marketplace, including Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Answers. He has since consulted for numerous social ventures that are creating positive change and helping to restore greater balance in their communities and in themselves.

partner-MATT Matthew Sloane, co-founder Soulful Brand Matthew believes the intention behind what is said is more important than the words being shared. He is a student and teacher of authentic communications in the context of business. Matthew previously worked as a graphic designer with clients such as Warner Brothers, Estée Lauder, Charles Schwab, and Nickelodeon, focused primarily on creating brand identity and marketing materials.

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