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  • link to our livestream video

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From last time…

Sharing Comments & Questions During Our Webinar

YouTube-logo-full_colorThis time around, we’ll be using a livestreaming YouTube page for our webinar, so the viewing and commenting is all in one place.

The upside is that viewers don’t have to download any extra software or log in to “watch” the broadcast. The downside is that only people with Google accounts can add “comments.” So if you want to be able to share comments + questions during the webinar, make sure you have a Google account you can log into that day, before you join us.

However, please don’t feel you “must” sign up with Google to join us for the webinar. Past viewers have enjoyed our webinars without adding comments, so we know it’s possible ; )

The skinny on Google Accounts :::
google-box-logoIf you’ve ever signed into YouTube or Gmail, you already have a Google account. If not, then you can create an account using any email as your username (it doesn’t have to be a Gmail account).

To set up a Google account without a Gmail address, go here…

Again, no pressure. Please do whatever feels best for you!

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