Ryan and I acknowledge that, at times, the way we’ve marketed our businesses does not feel aligned with our inner knowing. At times, we’ve unconsciously fallen into a pattern of trying to make others do what we want, rather than being clear and genuine in our intentions and communication.

We’ve done this because we believed in what we saw and heard from others who said, “THIS is how you do marketing.” And we believed they knew better than us—that they held the answers and if we tried their way and failed at what worked for them, we believed there was something wrong with us. We acknowledge that we have also felt coerced to purchase something that was not necessary in the end, so we know what it feels like from both sides.

shopkeeperWhat if marketing was not about controlling others, but was simply a conversation? What if during those conversations, we practiced staying connected to an authentic intention, such as helping people tap into what feels right for them? What if those conversations were healing, in and of themselves?

Perhaps we can tease out the intentions that have been muddled together in a world that prioritizes urgency. Maybe marketing is not the same as making an offer. Maybe those are two differing conversations with different intentions. Maybe it is the pattern of selling too soon in a new relationship that has us feeling that selling is “icky.”

Maybe what we’ve been learning from our marketing teachers are valuable possibilities and skills that can be infused with a deeper purpose.

monk-mountainJoin us for conversations (recorded below) to be with and acknowledge the common marketing patterns that we can so easily fall into. Not so that we can immediately choose another way—let’s say that the intention is simply to be honest with ourselves and others and bring in the energy of forgiveness. Then perhaps, new perspectives will spontaneously arise, new possibilities will make themselves known, and new stories can be shared.



  • 6 group calls facilitated over 7 weeks by Matthew Sloane + Ryan Rigoli, co-founders of Soulful Brand
  • Topics for focus are offered to loosely guide each call (see topics below)
  • Each call will be 1.5 hrs in length
  • Calls are being offered in the spirit of the gift. Before or after you’ve experienced the calls, you may choose to offer a “return-gift”: such as a skill, money, or offer another idea (NOTE: no “return-gift” is expected, though it is welcome / estimated value = $25/call)

Gifts in other forms: CONTACT US >>



Our Commitments

  • We’ll share responsibility with you for participation and co-creating an experience together
  • We’ll record the calls and make them publicly available, also in the spirit of the gift, so others may benefit
  • We’ll hold space for your own truth and intuition to come forward


Your Commitments

  • You come to discover your inner knowing and support others in doing the same
  • You are open to learning from your own thoughts and words as well as what others share
  • You either join all of the 6 calls or listen to the recordings provided along the way so that we can stay connected on our evolving journey of insights



Previously Recorded Calls

Separation + Interbeing  – Fri, July 18th, 2014

Urgency + Trust  – Fri, July 25th, 2014

Control + Choice  – Fri, August 1st, 2014

Persona + Transparency  – Fri, August 8th, 2014

Projection + Truth  – Fri, August 22nd, 2014

Dissonance + Resonance – Fri, Aug 29th, 2014