Thought Blogginggrowing your thought leadership muscles through blog writing

This workshop is intended to support aspiring thought leaders in establishing a writing practice. We’ll use blog articles as the main context for developing a consistent, unique, and relatable writing voice.

Participants will engage in written exercises, video tutorials, group check-ins, and buddy check-ins.


Listen to the recording below (or read it here) to get a feel for Matthew’s philosophy and approach. He talks about writer decision fatigue, process, intentions, and procrastination…




flower-wood-circlePARTICIPANT STORIES

client-kiran-gaind“I had recently published some blog posts and knew that blogging was going to play an important role in my marketing strategy. But I was unable to blog with consistency and didn’t know why that regularity eluded me. In taking this course, I experienced a gentle community where there was space to be vulnerable and see what was impacting my behavior. Matthew welcomed any issues arising around my writing and offered exercises that helped me stay focused—it was an amazing mix of practical tools and self-exploration. I’m now more clear about my audience (which has changed slightly) and the kind of content to produce for them in my articles. Furthermore, this course helped me face some fears and learn how to manage them with more grace.” Kiran Gaind / Huffington Post author + Modern Parent Coach at The Connected Family

“I wanted to write a blog for my site, having never done anything like that before. Through this course, my learning spanned how to structure an article to challenging assumptions about myself and my audience. The combination of assignments and virtual meetings allowed me to find and connect to my writing voice. Having Matthew as my guide, I’m more clear about my intentions for why I’m writing a blog and have a better sense of who my audience is.” ~ Susa Holt, PLLC Integrative Counseling

“I’m shy about my writing style. I used to say to myself, ‘you can’t write like that, you need to write like this.’ During the course, I learned about my own personal and professional voice. The virtual group meetings allowed me to share some writing that played with my own vulnerability—dispelling the myth that I have to be a ‘perfect expert’ before I can express myself in a valuable way. It was Matthew’s vulnerability that made this possible. It has been a few months, and I’m no longer rejecting my natural writing style.” ~ Lisa Schoenberg, owner of jungleRED fitness


page-wood-circleWHAT YOU’LL GET

As mentioned in the audio above, to create the conditions for being a more open writing vessel, you’ll be guided to uncover the following:

  • Your Blog Intention Summary

  • Your optimal Writing Environment + When to Write

You’ll also get:

  • a Procrastination Response exercise to practice

  • an Article-Writing Training Wheels structure for starting and fleshing out your blog articles (based on making complex ideas more relatable)

  • a set of 3 Editor Lenses you can use to know when your article is ready to publish

  • a chance to begin your writing practice and get feedback from a buddy (another participant in the workshop)

  • a small group experience where you won’t get lost in a crowd (maximum 8 participants)

My expectation is that by the end of our time together, you’ll:

  • Feel more trusting and confident as a writer

  • Have a deeper understanding of what’s required for you to maintain a thought blogging writing practice.


typewriter-circleOUR JOURNEY

There will be a total of 5 pre-recorded lectures along with 5 assignments created by me, spread out over the course of 14 weeks, so you can learn + practice at a reasonable pace within your own schedule. This length of time is intended for you to digest the information without skimming over it—giving you a chance to establish your writing practice while being supported by a community.

I will be your facilitator and group coach during 7 group Q&A sessions, 1.5hrs each. We’ll meet every 2 weeks using a video conferencing tool to allow us to connect more deeply with ourselves and the group. To participate in the sessions, you’ll need a computer with a camera, a web browser, and a good internet connection.

Session Dates for 2015:

  • Mon Sept 14th, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Sept 28th, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Oct 12th, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Oct 26th, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Nov 9th, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Nov 23rd, 9:30–11am Pacific

  • Mon Dec 7th, 9:30–11am Pacific

These Q&A sessions will be an open forum for sharing, curiosity, and authenticity. We’ll check in with each other and see what is most needed for the group and/or individuals. I will facilitate our use of the time, based on what emerges naturally. That may include spontaneous writing exercises, stories, teachings, or group sharing.

You will be invited to a private Facebook group so you may journey together by sharing challenges, insights, and asking questions of one another. I will occasionally peek into the group, share some inspiration, offer some guidance on assignments when appropriate, and be supportive on a high-level to keep the group on track.

For finer details, you will be paired with buddies to compare what you’re learning from the recorded lectures, get reflection on your process, intentions, procrastination, and get feedback on the content of your writing. They will be your main point of contact for writing feedback.

If you need additional 1-on-1 support, you may choose to hire me as needed during the workshop for things like: clarifying your intentions, process, procrastination response, or getting my feedback as an editor. For those in the workshop, I’ll be available at a rate of $100/hr for editing and/or 1-on-1 session time.



Q&A sessions will be recorded and kept confidential among participants (in fact, all participants are asked to keep one another’s sharing confidential). I will make the session recordings available to our group, for those who miss any and for those who wish to re-digest the experience.

If you’re unable to attend the Q&A sessions, and would like to join the workshop and stay connected through the Facebook group, the Q&A recordings, as well as through your buddy, you may choose this option. NOTE: there are no discounts available for not attending Q&A calls.

You will need to take responsibility for what you intend to get from the workshop. I am here to support you, however, you will need to commit your time and learning energy to establish a writing practice that works best for you. I wish there was a one-size-fits-all guarantee I could give you about what will happen for you, specifically. But because I believe we’re all unique and complex beings, such a thing would be out of integrity for me to promise.


Matthew Sloane ​is a co­founder of ​Soulful Brand​, a boutique brand strategy firm preparing entrepreneurs + business leaders to stand out with a unique message in their market, while staying true to themselves and their vision. He has a degree in Creative Writing from Skidmore College and has studied both Integral and Creativity coaching.​ Blogging consistently since 2009, his writing has been published by a variety of online venues including Tiny Buddha, New Ventures West, and Owning Pink.



The deadline for sign-ups is Monday Sept 7th, 2015. This will allow me to thoughtfully orient the group in advance of our first group session, Monday Sept 14th. There is no prework for that first session—we’ll simply come together that day, share workshop intentions, and get to know one another.

If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, including the audio above, please contact me.


$400 in full
(price will increase next time I run the workshop)

or 2 payments of $250
(today + before Oct 20)