Episode #1: Storytellers for Good / Soulful Brand / Skillshare

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How do we choose our Case Studies?

1. Brand Clarity + Intention Criteria

  • The organization’s “WHY” is featured in their homepage language, somewhere
  • Their message is aligned with a meaningful social movement or universal truth (i.e. loving each other, or female empowerment, or giving opportunities to people who have lost theirs)

2. Brand Communications + Storytelling Criteria

  • High-quality graphic design/layout
  • Imagery supports their messaging
  • Their message is being shared in a relatable way (i.e. grounded in a human experience/narrative that we can imagine ourselves in)
  • Our Soulful Brand audience can relate to the organization behind the website

3. Brand Embodiment + Alignment Criteria

  • Their message is of real importance to the people standing behind the message (i.e. practicing what they preach within their organizational community, providing a call to action that will support the movement, creating a foundation of their own)
Upcoming Case Studies >>