Using mobile-based (proximity) marketing to build real relationships with consumers


WHY does Tony’s business exist?

Tony is driven by a vision in which “brands care about relationships.”

He believes that, “Brand communication needs to be contextually relevant, provide value and offer a frictionless experience for the consumer. It should also be personalized wherever possible.”

Ever since he was young, he has seen marketing as “an engaging art form with a purpose.”

BEFORE working with Soulful Brand

“My business partner and I didn’t have a fully articulated vision and had a hard time communicating our offering without getting caught up in industry jargon. At the time we really struggled with the business positioning beyond the technology.”


WHILE working together

“We engaged with Soulful Brand to address how we were communicating with investors and potential clients. Along the way I experienced Ryan and Matt’s grounded, patient, and finely tuned listening abilities in such a way that kicked-off my own journey of self-discovery—which continues to this day.”


OUTCOME of Engagement

“This internal shift allowed us to develop a great partnership and get acquired by an organization that took our innovation under their wing. As we considered this relationship, our conversations were not so much about the product or the technology—they were about our personal connection and the vision we were all trying to move towards.”

“It’s one thing to talk about our work in a way that’s legible and easy to understand—it’s another to ignite an emotion in others. Soulful Brand was well positioned to help us with that.” ~ Tony Vassiliev

“I realized how important relationships are to me and that ‘business’ and ‘personal’ are not two different things. As it turns out, it’s a massive competitive advantage to be able to create a real emotional bond with business partners and consumers.” ~ Tony Vassiliev


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Rachel Davey
Executive Director, The Haven

“Soulful Brand took us through a process that was like an archeological dig, unearthing our core as a community. We now have a revitalized sense of who we are and the unique role we play in the world. We know how to talk about our work in a relatable and authentic way.”

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Cara Jones
CEO, Storytellers For Good

“Communicating my business is now energizing and inspiring. I was able to crowdfund my business and establish a team that was aligned around the vision.”

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