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Jennah and her team get us.¬†They get our business. And they’re able to create the designs and brand styles that drive our business.
The Entelligence Team

Entelligence came to us for a brand makeover. Their old website and brand wasn’t bad, but didn’t express the heart of their business.

We created a visual identity that expresses how Entelligence is masterful with technology, AND is human-powered. It’s all about the people.

As Entelligence’s business expanded with a new training division, we created branding for Entelligence U as well as their Better Each Day campaign.

Helping Entelligence express and expand into the true essence of their vision in a cohesive way is truly an honorable journey. We are so grateful!


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Creative Director: Jennah Synnestvedt / Designers: Tishon Woolcock and Cassandra Zimmerman