The Awakened Company

Website Design

Jennah and her team helped us with the feel, look, and content for The Awakened Company and did a fabulous job from beginning to end! They are so good we continue to partner with them on creative initiatives!

Catherine Bell

While she was finishing up The Awakened Company book, Catherine Bell came to us for a splash page website to build momentum and collect emails.

Approaching the book launch, we updated the brand into a full-fledged website which included creating the Flip the Switch concept. We also designed the Awakening, Flip the Switch and Gratitude Cards that are sold by The Awakened Company.

After the book launch, we expanded the brand into social media infographics, presentation designs as well as created icons for The Awakened Company services.

Here at Soulful Brand, our intent is to include soul in business, and The Awakened Company is doing just that. We love it when our calls to the universe manifest in wonderful ways to serve!

“Flip the Switch” Interactive

Social Media Infographics Design

Services Icon Design

Presentation Designs

Jennah creative directed designer Kate Kreisher on the infographics and service icons.