The materials/offers below are intended to educate business owners and organizations about branding, messaging, and marketing practices that we have found useful for ourselves and our clients.

PRODUCTS: Brand Strategy


Understanding the methodology we use to uncover soulful brands…



A self-guided assessment of your current brand strategy—ideal for gaining clarity around your own soulful brand…


AUDIO TALKS: Brand Embodiment

partner-RYAN-small-circlePRESENTATION: Addressing graduates from his coaching school, Ryan Rigoli (co-founder of Soulful Brand) shares his story, our philosophy, and a case study for the talk, “Resonance: the Invisible Hand of Marketing”.

Annette Segal, of The Valiant Group, interviewed Soulful Brand co-founders, Matthew Sloane and Ryan Rigoli, for the “Transforming Your Shadow” telesummit. The conversation touched on the stress around getting “wording” right for the marketplace, where we’re coming from when we’re communicating, the shadow side of meeting our marketing needs, and the shadow side of the sales & marketing industry.

WEBINAR CASE STUDY: Integrated Messaging

After Soulful Brand focuses on creating internal alignment around brand and messaging strategies, our clients often want to know how they can translate their authentic brand + core message into their website communications.

With that in mind, we started a webinar series that showcases organizations who are bringing more of their purpose and overall humanity into their websites. In the process, we’ve been inspiring viewers to share their more natural voice in the marketplace and create deeper engagement with their audience.

Featured here is Authentic Website Communications, Episode #1.