For your marketing to be authentic, it must come from a deep sense of who you are. That’s where we come in—helping you uncover your brand essence and get internally aligned around what you stand for.

Services include:
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Brand/Messaging Audit
  • Customer Interviews
  • Internal Stakeholder Interviews
  • Brand Visioning Workshop
  • Competitive Brand/Messaging Audit
  • Unique Market Positioning Mapping
  • Core Messaging
  • Story Development
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Brand Embodiment Workshop
  • 360 Leadership Assessment
Below are four phases we work within…

Uncover your unique role in the marketplace


We start all of our engagements with the brand strategy phase.  Our intention here is to work with you to explore and uncover your organization’s deeper identity. Additionally, if needed, we can work with the key stakeholders within your organization to ensure that everyone feels clear and aligned around your brand.  Our coaching/consulting interview style leads to:

  • Infusing the deeper meaning (e.g. your calling/purpose/your ‘why’) behind your work into your brand
  • Having a more embodied sense of what you stand for and how your brand is unique
  • Having a foundation to work from for your messaging, design, and marketing efforts
  • Establishing a core brand essence from which additional products & services can grow

With these elements in place, creating aligned decisions and communications within your organization and with partners becomes more possible.

Refine what you want to say in the marketplace


While the Brand Strategy phase is about understanding the uniqueness of your brand in the marketplace and expressing that internally for yourself and your organization, the Core Messaging phase looks at the more outward expression of this in a way that your customers, investors, and/or partners can resonate with. The intention of this phase is to:

  • Uncover and refine leading messages that comes from the depths of your brand (for in-person conversations and on your website)
  • Uncover your tagline, company description, leading messages + support points, conversation starters, and key messages for deeper conversation in alignment with your brand voice

Uncover the genesis story of your business

Your story is often one of the most compelling and personable aspects of your brand.  You might tell a story to engage others in how you, and your team, were called to your work, why it matters so deeply to you, and to invite others to see what you’ve learned. We’ll help you decide which story to tell and the important ingredients to share when telling it.

Develop the people behind the brand


Leadership is about embodiment, which means to practice living into the brand essence through your thoughts, communications, and your actions. When a brand is uncovered, sometimes we can stay on the level of thoughts, pointing to a piece of paper or a webpage and saying, “this is what our brand is about.” While this helps us appreciate our brand, we might only relate to the brand through our minds.

When we feel our brand in our bones, our day-to-day actions are more aligned with what matters most, as related to the brand’s aspiration. From this place, leaders lead by example and teams can better direct themselves—when a brand is established, there is agreement about where decisions are coming from and for what purpose.

To help leaders who are wanting a deeper brand embodiment, we leverage a set of professional coaching methodologies. While the focus of coaching varies by individual, here are some potential high-level outcomes:

  • Speak from your more natural voice as a leader of your brand
  • Feel more confident to reach a larger audience with your message in a relatable and resonant way
  • More fully embody the vision/values of your brand through your marketing efforts and day to day business operations
  • Make brand & marketing decisions that feel more aligned with your vision & values

Receive strategic brand guidance from us


Many times our clients don’t yet have a marketing director on staff OR they simply want additional communications advice from a group that understands their brand on a deeper level.  With this as an intention, we offer feedback and guidance during the creative process as your internal teams, or another agency, develops your brand identity and promotional content.  We’ll hold center to reflect how your marketing materials are aligning with your vision as you work with tactical brand & marketing experts (such as our partners) to develop your sales and marketing materials/plans. This may include areas such as:

  • Naming
  • Logo & Look/Feel
  • Website Design & Development
  • Full Website Copy
  • Printed Promotional materials (business cards, posters, etc)
  • Marketing Outreach Planning & Execution
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